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Do You Need Timekeeping Assistance?

At Payroll Systems, we believe in timekeeping solutions for a paperless future. For many companies, that means eliminating the manual tracking of employee hours (both cumbersome and prone to error) and turning to Swipeclock, automated processing software that can be customized for collecting, calculating, and reporting employee time and attendance.

At Payroll Systems, we are dedicated to offering clients payroll solutions that can reduce back office labor and costs, streamline your operation, and free you up for more important things.

Therefore, our preferred method of timekeeping for clients is Swipeclock, a premier workforce management provider that is dedicated to providing cutting-edge software products (like TimeWorksPlus and TimeWorksPlus Employee Portal) which enables businesses to manage their most expensive assets—their employees.

TimeWorksPlus (see demo here) is one of many Swipeclock cloud-based management products that simplify time tracking so that companies can spend less time processing, reviewing and approving timecards. When companies begin to turn to cloud-based workforce management software, they are able to streamline employee time and attendance, advanced scheduling, and leave management capabilities. By doing this, companies are able to lower labor costs, comply with regulatory mandates, and maximize profits.

The TimeWorks Plus Employee Portal (see demo here) allows employees to log time on their tablets, mobile phones or computers, which will easily streamline the data collection process and reporting of employee time and attendance. The portal also can easily sync up with the company’s choice of Swipeclock’s mobile app, web-based hardware and software clocks. TimeWorks Plus has an array of useful features including a streamlined review process where employees and supervisors can review and approve time cards.

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