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Understanding Payroll Systems’ Response to the COVID-19 Outbreak

Understandably, businesses and employees have had the COVID-19 virus on their minds for more than a week now. We at Payroll Systems and JRBT have as well. But thanks to technology, we have the ability to continue our work whether we are in the office or working remotely, and we’re prepared to continue processing your payroll and paying your employees in the weeks to come.

We are now implementing Phase 1 of our contingency/disaster recovery plan, which is to reduce contact. This is due to the extension of spring breaks for schools and the CDC’s reduced contact recommendations.

If you do not want to enter our building to drop off or pick up payroll information, you may park in the reserved JRBT and Payroll Systems parking spots and call 254-772-2259. We will meet you at your vehicle to deliver payroll or pick up your documents.

We also highly encourage the switch from paper submission and paper deliverables to paperless methods, especially direct deposit. This will help to ensure that your employees receive their funds immediately on payday without having to meet at the employer’s location or cashing/depositing a physical check.

Other Changes We Encourage for Payroll Processing:

Submission Method Type Encouraged change(s)
Evolution Portal / Advanced HR No change
Swipeclock No change
Email No change
Fax No change
Drop off Evolution Portal/Email/Fax


Check Payment Type Encouraged change(s)
Direct Deposit No change
Direct Deposit / Paper Combination Direct Deposit
Paper Direct Deposit


Reports & Checks Delivery Type Encouraged change(s)
Evolution Portal / Advanced HR / ESS No change
Email No change
Paper / Pickup Evolution Portal / Email
Paper / Mail Evolution Portal / Email
Paper / FedEx Evolution Portal / Email


Please contact your payroll specialist if you’d like to implement one of the changes listed above. Your business will NOT be billed for the time to switch from paper to paperless methods—we want to reduce the stress on businesses and employees during this time! If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at 254-772-2259. We are all in this together!